Workplace Investigation Timeline


HR professionals and organizational representatives in management or executive level positions understand the importance of handling transgressions and misconduct in such a way that protects both the organization and the employees’ best interests. This requires a certain level of composure and understanding of organizational policy and processes, as some extreme situations may require investigations be conducted. Though each investigation will be unique in the parties and discrepancies involved, the organizational protocols will likely remain the same. This is because any investigation that must be conducted, must be done so in a fashion that protects those involved and the organization at large, as mentioned previously. This is accomplished by organizations being able to identify wrongdoings, offer support to employees and render informed and objective decisions. These are the ways in which organizations must operate in these moments in order to maintain validity in their investigations. Remaining objective may seem difficult, but with the guidelines detailed in the infographic featured alongside this post, any organization should feel more prepared in the ways they handle such transgressions. Please read on to learn more!

Workplace Investigation Timeline provided by HR Acuity, a company specializing in employee relations case management software

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