Insights Into Excellence: The Role of an Executive Consultant According to Kevin Modany


Skilled executive consultants are in high demand thanks to their high professional qualifications and ability to tackle multi-faceted issues.

Kevin Modany is an executive consultant and the Managing Director at Bluerock Partners. A Certified Public Accountant with decades of industry experience plying his trade, Modany has taken time out of his day to explore the profession that has brought him so much.

Exploring the realm of executive consultants will reveal a burgeoning new professional career path with opportunities aplenty.

Attributes of an Executive Consultant

Executive consultants work closely with high-level CEOs to tackle problems, address variables, and bring about positive business growth. Skilled executive consultants help to make the business world go round, often utilizing the following skills and traits.

Analytical Skills

Executive consultants must be able to work closely with a client to analyze problems before devising potential solutions. Evaluating diverse data sets and trends will require commitment and focus to reach the correct conclusion.

Financial Analysis

Kevin Modany cut his teeth on financial analysis by first plying his trade as a Certified Public Accountant. Executive consultants must have top-tier financial skills as they often work with significant issues to find advanced solutions.

Data-driven decision-making skills are the foundation of success as a skills executive consultant. Kevin Modany suggests learning how to analyze trends and data sets to come up with real solutions, including presenting them correctly.

Modany says, “I don’t care how good you look or talk. None of that means anything to me. If you have a statistically valid, supportable idea, and you want to present it, I’m all ears.”

Modany added, “The data is not the end all be all, right? There are still qualitative considerations, and you must have that as part of the equation.”

Social Networking & Relationship Building

Finally, Kevin Modany underscores the importance of working closely with people as both a stellar communicator and an individual focused on fostering relationships. Kevin Modany understands that straightforward communication in an honest setting can yield positive results, yet there are other aspects of relationship-building to pay attention to.

As an executive consultant, Modany also guides his team toward facilitating better working conditions and relationships. Modany believes that people should be able to connect and question one another without fostering a hostile environment.

Modany adds, “TA leader’s objective should be to motivate the people who want to run through a wall for you.”

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