How Outsourcing your marketing team can save your time, money, and risk


How successful is your current initiative and marketing program? Do you have a marketing team to launch and implement your marketing plan? Many small businesses struggle by making their marketing program effective because they do not have in-house talent and expertise to manage marketing projects such as the launch of new products, re-design websites, SEO or even the creation that is well examined and comprehensively. plan. Uniting all this together requires time and money and draining valuable resources from other areas of your business.

Consider outsourcing this responsibility to a third party marketing consulting company. Here are some important benefits for outsourcing:

1) Employing professional marketing consultants save your business and money time:

· Your business saves money in reducing overhead costs (no internal team for rent, managing, providing office space, etc.).

· You approve in front of how much you want to spend and can instill a cost at a certain amount – no unexpected fees or marketing budget managed by Amok!

· You spend less time spent on daily marketing management, trying to find the right people for the in-house marketing team, and duty delegation.

2) Outsourcing your marketing function to good marketing experts help you reduce your marketing risk and build business partnerships:

· Marketing consultants you want and need their program to be effective. They will work hard to bring you successful marketing, because this reflects their positive and encourages their sustainable work with your business.

· Access to network skills, talents, and enormous abilities, such as graphic designers, copywriters, website developers, and SEO consultants, to mention only a few.

· Knowledge is transferred between the two businesses. Smart marketing professionals will get to know your business inside and outside. As a result, they are flexible enough to adjust your marketing program to meet shifting goals (such as industrial trends) quickly and effectively.

Here is a useful example of the company that outsourcing the creation and distribution of direct letter marketing programs:

Marketing Case History:

Opportunities / Problems:

Company agents that realty want to change the quarterly postcard marketing program to produce a new list. The impact of their previous company program faded and no longer produced measurable benefits.


The budget for this project is defined, and cross platform marketing programs are made specifically for realty companies. Direct mailcut card will be sent to around 10,000 recipients in the target market. Postcards include the landing page of individualized individual websites for each recipient of the letter. The target market is segmented so that each group will receive more relevant and specific messages and personal URLs. The landing pages are made for each market segment and are held to receive visitors to the website.

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