Danger of construction equipment


All equipment used in construction work can cause danger. It can be the equipment itself, people who operate equipment or personnel working close to equipment. Any equipment must be respected.

When working on equipment such as jumping loaders, back hoes, trenches, cranes, and others, you have to be quiet. Don’t assume the operator sees you. If possible it is always close to the equipment from the side of the equipment where the operator is visible. Make sure the operator sees you before fully approaching the equipment. Also, don’t depend on the horn or alarm to warn you that moving equipment is near. You might not be able to hear alarms compared to other construction noise.

When you see that the equipment moves backwards, keep it away from the road and stand clear until the operator finishes the maneuver. Never walk or cut any unit while moving backwards. You can easily stumble and fall under the equipment. Never ride the running board, steps or other equipment parts, even for short distances.

When backing up, competent people must ensure the area behind the equipment is cleaned. There is no operator that must restore the equipment to an area without cleaned area and competent people give a signal to the operator.

When a crane operates, special attention must be given to the equalizer when cranes swing because there may be a pin between balance and some obstacles. Make sure there is enough room for workers to pass. If there is not enough space for workers to pass safely, the area must be turned off for access.

Never go up or near the material being transported with equipment. The load can shift and fall or cause the equipment to change or become uncontrollably. You can be thrown into the ground and destroyed. Never ride any equipment as a passenger if the equipment is designated for only one person (operator). If it is set for more than one person and equipped with a seat belt, always buckle the seat belt. Always save all your body parts inside to enter your arms and legs.

Lower all portable scaffolds or work platforms while being moved. The time needed to get down will be far less than missing from work if you fall or tip unit.

When you work near the equipment operating around the power line, don’t come into contact with the unit or load cable frame. There is always the possibility that the unit or boom can come into contact with the power line. Warn operators or signal people if you have to see this possibility.

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