Choosing CAN-AM Chains for Performance and Endurance

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If you work in any wood processing sector in New Zealand, including pulp and paper, sawmilling MDF, OSB and plywood mills, then you would have heard of North America’s leading chain manufacturer, CAN-AM Chains. CAN-AM Chains have been in business for over 65 years and have applied their knowledge and expertise to developing unbeatable chains for the wood processing sector. They are built on the foundation of “customers first”, as their customers’ complex demands drive their design and innovation. They have a proven track record of reliability within New Zealand, and they continue to lead the way in the development of high performance chains, as their competitors simply try to keep up.

Made for the Harshest of Conditions

Why are the New Zealand wood processing industries calling out for CAN-AM’S performance chains? You can find the answer to this through their ability to withstand even the harshest of New Zealand’s conditions.

CAN-AM’s chains are manufactured specifically for the Canadian sawmilling and wood processing sectors, which are often located in areas that experience extreme weather, including heavy snowfall, ice, and freezing temperatures. Therefore, their chains are designed to work seamlessly in challenging settings similar to those found in New Zealand’s south island. In other words, there is no amount of ice, snow, grit, or pumice that the CAN-AM chains cannot handle.

The wood processing industry is undoubtedly a high impact environment, and hard-core quality products are a necessity to survive; otherwise, a mill will constantly experience unnecessary downtime. CAN-AM supplies products for use across the entire industry, with a focus on American Standard and British Standard roller chains, and welded steel chains. These performance products are manufactured in Vancouver and Portland and include every type of chain from, mill chains, drag chains, malleable chains, sharp chains and trim line chains, plus a range of quality sprockets, attachments and accessories to suit the wood processing industry. These chains, sprockets and attachments are designed and constructed to perform faultlessly in all rugged chain conveyor applications such as log-decks, transfer decks, un-scramblers, and drive applications of all types.

Unmatched Capabilities

As we mentioned previously, CAN-AM Chains are made to address common issues found in the wood processing industry. Some of these widespread problems include product corrosion, shock loading, fatigue, and wearability. CAN-AM Chains has devoted its time and expertise to designing and manufacturing products that excel in use despite their severe application conditions. Clients have put their chains to the test in areas of heavy impact loading, high-speed requirements, capacity loading, and other abrasive conditions, and without fail, they always come out on top.

Extended Service Intervals & Lower Maintenance Costs

CAN-AM is one of the few chain manufacturers that operate as an entirely in-house chain manufacturer; they use special steel metallurgy that produces tough products that can be custom heat-treated to offer further benefits to the end-user. With the combination of their high-quality steel, heat treatment and induction hardening service, CAN-AM Chains can dramatically extend the working life of a wood processing chain and achieve the lowest life cycle cost.

For that after-market service, CAN-AM also publishes their heat treatment specifications, welding procedures, lubrication and recommended break-in periods for their chains and sprockets so customers can find valuable information on their end-product, further enhancing the service life of each chain.

Where Can You Find them in New Zealand?

CAN-AM have an extensive range of performance chains, sprockets, and value-added products to choose from, but they have one sole supplier in New Zealand, Supply Services Limited. Supply Services Ltd are the biggest conveyor chain supplier in NZ, and they offer distribution of CAN-AM Chains made-to-order by specification, or custom/bespoke.

They have a variety of in-house specialists who travel to CAN-AM in Canada regularly for training and product upskilling, and they have regular stock shipments of CAN-AM Chains in their three branches locations around the country. For more information on their CAN-AM products, reach out to them for a detailed product list.

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