Benefits of Leasing Equipment for Small Business Owners


Many small businesses or those who start prefer leasing equipment rather than buying equipment directly. The bank also recognizes this trend and they now provide loans to small businesses. Today, leasing equipment is a common trend for business owners. We have proven years of leasing services for small business owners and businesses that start to ensure that they can use business equipment that they cannot buy. There are many benefits obtained by business owners with leasing equipment at each stage of development as illustrated below:

There is minimal cash expenditure for leasing equipment!

When your business needs a lot of computers, buy it requires you to have big capital expenses and reduce your cash flow. In addition, their maintenance & repair costs will be high. By renting out our equipment, you will be able to save cash from your business and increase the capital of your cash flow. Leasing equipment services do not include serving rental equipment if they fail because it will save maintenance equipment and purchase at the end of the equipment rental.

Overcoming budget limitations!

If you have a small budget that is not enough to buy new business equipment especially if you start a business, leasing can be the best choice to start your business. The operational budget tends to be more flexible than the capital budget and we can ensure that our leasing terms are flexible as required by law and can also be negotiated depending on your business needs. In addition, our leasing terms are better than standard bank loans so that payment is even better and flexible.

Avoid worn out!

Obsolete is one of the main problems faced by many businesses because technology changes from year to year. But leasing equipment allows your business to develop because our term rental can be arranged in a way that can handle this change. Therefore, your business will have a solution for equipment depreciated quickly. Plus our leasing terms make it easier to add or improve technology to meet your changing business needs.


Some when buying some equipment may involve a lot of documentation so that the whole process takes a long time before it’s finished. However, this does not happen with leasing equipment. Leasing allows you to respond new opportunities with little documentation & red ribbon. Leasing Companies equipment can approve applications within a few hours.

Flexible in terms of options!

When you rent out the equipment for your business, you will have three options at the end of the term: You can choose to restore the equipment, extend the lease for an additional period of time or can buy equipment from the leasing company at the end of the company at the end. Rental terms. These options are not available when you buy your own business equipment.

Tax benefit!

Rental equipment Rental payments may be completely deducted from taxes and can get out of your business funds before taxation. If you buy a new machine from your working capital, it means you use the money you have paid for tax. Therefore, this means that by renting equipment, total ownership costs can be lowered for your business.

Considering the benefits above from leasing equipment, it is not surprising that the more businesses start the business and get leasing equipment services. Leasing benefits are not only for businesses that start but also for large and small businesses that can benefit from equipment rental.

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