2 Top Technical Marketers (and Solution)


If you are a technology marketer, you already know the very difficult challenge you face. Of course, all marketers have difficult challenges, but the world of technology that continues to change introduce new complexity with a mixed marketing. However, the technology industry grows and changes so fast that no one can follow. Of course no one except for technology marketers, who were not only charged with following him, but also remained a step further than the market.

LinkedIn recently published an article that discussed some of the top challenges experienced by current technology marketers. Here are the two challenges, along with information that can be followed up which you can use to start overcome now.

Challenge # 1: Identify decision makers?

All marketers know how important Identify and understand decision makers. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to build a successful marketing strategy to win it.

However, difficulty with marketing technology is that decision makers are not one person. Conversely, now cross-functional groups consisting of IT, marketing, sales, operations, finance and more.

This complexity makes it increasingly important to fully understand the needs, challenges, and motivation of each group member and appeal to them directly.

A latest LinkedIn study on groups that secure decision making and technology purchases found that maintaining prospects with informative content is an important part of the sales process. Why? Because members of these groups are usually not ready to talk to sales representatives until they consume at least five parts “relevant content, non-centralized, non-sales”.

In addition, LinkedIn posts highlight the importance of producing content for each role in this cross function purchase committee … at each stage in the purchase process. Because, as explained by POST, technology decision makers are a group, not individuals, marketers have the responsibility to reach out and engage with each of them. You never know who will make the first contact, which will lead the purchase committee, or who will have the most influence on other members.

That is why it is very important to have a strategy for how to achieve, involve and finally change each group member at each stage in the purchase process. It sounds like a lot of work, yes, but technology marketers have the opportunity to influence every member of the purchase committee and start winning them through education always. What is “always-on”? Contents that provide valuable education information at each stage of the purchase process – whenever the user wants it. When you consider it, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 63% of Tech buyers are more likely to consider vendors that are always in accordance with the approach, it is worth the effort.

Challenge # 2: Creating interesting content

According to the Institute of Content Marketing, 93% technology marketers use content marketing. However, they also said that “creating interesting content” has become the main challenge for the past five years. What this said to us? While technology marketers see value in content marketing, they also have limited time and resources, which makes them not create content that will then.

So how do you compete in the saturated technology market? According to post LinkedIn, make a reliable tool box. If you think about it, there are more marketing tools and resources available today than before – many of which are free or very affordable. Marketers have more available options now than before to design, create, write, and develop themselves – free from outside support. Just think about what has been done for marketers!

If you are a technology marketer, you understand the pressure to stay in front of the world of fast-paced innovation. It’s our job not to just reach out, but also involves some of the smartest, most advanced

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